Monday, October 7, 2013

Say What? Dana Carvey Was In HALLOWEEN II?

Yep.  Comedian and SNL alum Dana Carvey made his feature debut in the second October 31st slashing.  Carvey paired up first with serial killer Michael Myers before "slumming it" with the comedic one.  This has been a trivia question regarding this film for many years.  For my younger readers who may be wondering "What the F is a Dana Carvey"...well, he's most notable for his years on Saturday Night Live.  He was a talented impressionist and had his own unique characters (most notably the church lady).  His big impression that carried over past his years was that of George Bush Sr.
His biggest film success came when he and Mike Myers took their Wayne's World sketch to the big screen.  There were many failed attempts at making Carvey a comedy star like Clean Slate.  But nothing ticked and we really don't talk about any of his projects today.  He did take a stab at a TV series, The Dana Carvey Show which I actually liked back when it was airing.  He's still popped on on SNL from time to time, but I understand if you don't know who he is as he's become kind of a non entity in the relevancy of today's entertainment.  But back in the 90s, the guy was very much a household name.

A lot of people who knew this fact about him being in Halloween II have struggled to find him in the feature.  He's got no lines.  Of course, me being the fanatic I am, upon learning this trivia bit, took to my VHS back in the day and wore it down going back and forth looking for him.  I was pretty sure on VHS of who he was.  it wasn't until years later, when the DVD was released, that the clarity confirmed I was right.  But, for those still searching, I've provided my own screenshots of him in the film.  He's in 2 scenes, including the ending, wearing a trucker hat, flannel and a blue Marty McFly vest.

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