Friday, October 18, 2013

In Memoriam: Jamie Lloyd

There's no kind way to say this.  Jamie's life kind of sucked.  And it wasn't a long life either.  She died on Halloween night 1995 at around the age of 15.  The only positive experience in life she was in her first 8 years.  There was so much this young girl didn't get to fully appreciate and experience.

Let's take a look.  When we pick up with her in Halloween 4, just 6 months after her parents have died.  Its of the general opinion they died in an auto accident, but I'm not sure its every fully stated.  Also, who was Jamie's dad?  Many fans have just assumed it was Jimmy from Halloween II.  But, that has never officially been solidified within cinematic continuity.  Jamie's father has the last name Lloyd.  That's all we know.  Jimmy was just simply "Jimmy".  And when Jamie pulls her photos from the box, she has one of her on her father's shoulders and he doesn't look like Lance Guest.  So...who knows.  Plus, the kids at school make fun of her for being an orphan.  The kids at Haddonfield Elementary are truly shitheads.
Within in just months, while under the care of her foster family the Corruthers, her serial killing uncle Michael escapes and comes after her.  Murdering person after person to get to her.  Then, when its all over, consumed by evil she stabs her foster mother.  This leads to her spending the next year in a childrens mental institution.  She has lost the ability to speak and is constantly harassed by Dr. Loomis.  Michael comes back, and this time she has haunting shared visions.  And everybody she knows is killed.  Then, she's kidnapped by the cult of the Thorn and who knows what they did to her in those 6 years.
When we pick up with her, she's giving birth to a baby (this made even worse a scenario for her if you follow the Producer's Cut), that was likely created severely against her will.  That same night she escapes but is hunted down and killed by her uncle Michael.  Oh my gosh, what a shitty life.  For a girl who was so innocent and deserved so much better.  When put into context of the series, you can't help but feel insanely bad for her.  But, there's one last slap in the face for Jamie Lloyd...after Halloween 6, she'd be wiped from continuity, never having existed.  But, with the way her life went, maybe it was better for Jamie.

Here's to Jamie.
3 years and 50-60 lbs ago...dang haha

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