Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween: The Television Cut

Back when Halloween was to make it's debut on television, the edited cut made the film too short to air in the 2 hour time slot.  Funny enough, Halloween is laughably tame compared to today's television.  But alas, something needed to be done.  The original cut of the film used pretty much everything they shot.  Luckily, Halloween II was in production, so it was easy to pull some players from the first film back to do a few extra scenes.  One scene actually tied the first film in to the second's twist.  Another scene made comments made in the original pretty funny.  The other featured more Loomis.  I like these scenes, but I much much rather prefer the original cut of the film.

Here are two of them if you've never seen them before.  The one not present features Loomis looking over Michael's ransacked room after he's escaped.  The word "Sister" is scratched in red on the door.

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