Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Memoriam: Ted Hollister

Shit, Earl, its Ted Hollister.

You dumb son of a bitch, you said you saw Myers.

Poor, Ted Hollister.  Who knows what you were doing out late that dreaded Halloween night in 1988.  You couldn't even have the luxurious statistic of being one of Michael Myers victims.  For some apparent reason, during the town curfew you were out in the park doing who knows what.  It couldn't have been something too good, for when the militia of armed rednecks with itchy trigger fingers were on the prowl you rustled around in the bushes as opposed to coming out and greeting them.  Nonetheless, you did not deserve the fate you received.
Ted wasn't the first non-Michael Myers death killed on Halloween in Haddonfield during a Myers rampage.  In 1978, Laurie Strode's crush Bennett Tramer was killed when he unfortunately was wearing the same mask as Michael Myers.  He was a high schooler and drunk, and thought Loomis was coming after him for that.  He wasn't looking and BAM, got hit by a police car into a van which resulted in a massive explosion.  Bennett's body was burned to such a crisp it was going to take days to identify.
Is the town of Haddonfield a safe place when Michael isn't around?  One would hope this friendly little town would be a place off innocence.  Maybe people just freak when they hear the name Michael Myers and inadvertently make it more dangerous on their own.  Had no militia formed, Ted Hollister might be alive.  Who knows.  Here's to Ted Hollister and those non-Myers victims who lost their lives on October 31st!

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