Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In Memoriam: Bud

Amazing Grace, come sit on my face.  Don't make me cry, I need your pie.

Bud was just a guy looking to have a good time at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital on Halloween night 1978.  He was a dirtbag in the finest sense of the term.  Michael Myers was out on a killing spree, but it didn't bother him one bit.  Even if they had the girl who survived the attacked as a patient, it wasn't going to affect him.  He just wanted to kick back, smoke some weed and hook up with his honey, Nurse Karen.

It was Halloween, the hospital was pretty much dead.  What was all the fuss about?  All the employees present were ok and no family members were affected.  Can't everyone just calm down and relax?  'Ol Bud, could show you a good time.  Bud wanted to help guide and become a mentor to Jimmy, but Jimmy didn't appear interested.  Bud had a younger brother of his own, but wanted to take Jimmy under his wing as well.  He told Jimmy that he shouldn't get involved with a patient.  Nurses was where it was at.
But, Bud's advice apparently wasn't for the best.  While convincing Nurse Karen to meet him at the whirlpool seemed like a "hot" idea at the time, it turned out to be no good.  When trying to please Karen by turning the pool down, the man Bud chose to ignore, Michael Myers showed up to strangle Bud to his death.  He didn't even get to finish the deed.

Bud just wanted everyone to have a good time.  Here's to Bud

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