Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Naptown Nerd Presents 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN

Welcome the ultimate retrospective series; 31 Days Of Halloween.  John Carpenter's Halloween turns 35this year (also making the fourth film 25 and H20 turning 15).  Not only am I giving you a retrospective look at each film in the series this time around, but I am going to do my best to bring you some sort of Halloween franchise related content every day of the month of October.  I won't be alone, as I'll be having some help along the way.  Halloween is one of my, if not the very most, favorite film franchises ever.  Its come with its share of fun, surprises and flat out disappointments.  If you know me or have been a dear friend of mine at any point in my life, it's likely I've forced you to sit through many of these films.  I'll be sharing a lot of personal anecdotes as we trudge along through this adventure. 

I hope you enjoy this incredible journey following the pale faced serial killer of Michael Myers through 9 (kind of 10...we'll get to it) installments, plus a stop off with man's man Tom Atkins.

For now, to wet your appetite, check out my review of the 35th Anniversary Edition of Halloween on Blu-ray released last Tuesday!  CLICK HERE

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