Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Collection Of Some Terrible Michael Myers Masks

 When Halloween 7 went into preproduction back in 1997-98, an Michael Myers mask photograph leaked to the web.  It caused quite the uproar.  It was a nice looking mask, except for one thing; it had distinctly blue lips.  Horror fans don't tend to ever like change, so this was a catastrophe.  Nobody knew where the image came from, but it was thought to have come from the prop department on the film.  They were going to change Michael up!  Heavens no!  Same same same same!  Apparently, however, the image came from a costume store developer and that was to be one of their masks the following fall and had nothing to do with Halloween 7.  But, who knows, maybe it was a cover up story after the studio heard the fan backlash.  It wasn't like Halloween 7 wasn't afraid to change or try a different mask midshot either. 

A more recent, similar issue came recently with Scream 4 when a scarecrow infused version of the Ghostface costume leaked and was said to be the new digs for modern times.  This later was debunked and said to have been for a costume store's fall line as well and not in the movie.  Funny enough, these two events happened with the same studio and same producers.  I think people may have forgotten the issue with Halloween 7, but when the Scream issue happened, it clicked.  I'm willing to bet the creative collective was interested in going these routes and tested the waters with fans and pulled back due to internet fanboy backlash.  Note to the studios - JUST GO AHEAD AND DO IT.  Don't worry about the fanboys, they're already buying their tickets and they'll put their dukes up at any sign of change like its sacrilege.   Take some chances, do some different things.  These people will eventually come around on it, deal with it, or just continue to hate things specifically because they are "new" or different.  

Anyway, I couldn't find the image of the Myers mask with blue lips.  Since I wasn't able to show you that,  I thought I'd share some of the shittiest masks I could find searching Google.  Enjoy!

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