Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween 4 & 5's Legendary Cut Scenes

Both Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 have each an excised sequence that has become kind of a thing of legend and maybe that "holy grail" type deleted scene for fans akin to Ripley finding Burke cocooned.  Nobody aside from those who made the films have seen them, and for all intents and purposes they likely could be destroyed at this point.  So people shouldn't steer anger toward Blu-ray/DVD distributors because they can't produce something that they don't have/hasn't been recovered/doesn't exist anymore.  But anyway, I thought it'd be cool to touch upon each one briefly here.

HALLOWEEN 4 - Michael Takes Out The Police Station

In the final product, we see Sheriff Meeker, Dr Loomis, Rachel and Jamie return to the police station to find it bloodied and destroyed.  Seeing just the aftermath of a heinous Michael Myers strike.  If you thought Bucky had it bad, these guys were soaked in a blood bath.  On Halloween night of 1988, Michael apparently had a plan to getting to his niece.  Part 1 - cut the power.  Part 2 - take out the law officials.  Part 3 - Kill Jamie. Part 4 - Profit.
It has long been rumored that Michael's attack on the police station was actually shot and cut from the final film.  What happen or how it played out, nobody really knows.  How are we so sure this possibly exists?  Well, leave it to Fangoria magazine and their coverage of Halloween 4 actually had a few photos of Michael in the police station.  I believe an article a few years later actually discussed this scene and it having been cut from the final product.  When the film was announced on Blu-ray last year, it said it was going to contain about 15 minutes of cut/unseen/alternate footage.  Fans dreams had come true!  We were going to finally see this police station attack!  But alas, that was dropped from special features, as the canister of film labeled to be containing cut footage that Anchor Bay had thought to have uncovered didn't contain anything at all.  They probably should have looked through the reels before saying anything, to make sure of what they had.  It was an honest mistake.  no harm in it.  The important thing was Halloween 4 made it to Blu-ray.  Maybe one day we'll see this scene.  I'd really like to see it (sorta like finally getting to see original Star Wars trilogy deleted scenes, but not as huge as that), but if not...I think i'll be just fine.
Halloween 5 - Alternate "Dr. Death" Opening

Michael originally didn't wash up by that hobo with a parrot.  He washed up by a young devil worshiping guy named Dr. Death.  He was apparently in the middle of pig sacrifice when Michael showed up.  This guy made the plot make 1% more sense as he was the one who gave Michael the mark of the Thorn on his wrist and resurrected him with a spell a year later.  Michael then did what anyone should do to someone calling themselves Dr. Death, he broke him of his altar/sacrificial table and went on his merry way.
Evidence of Dr. Death is present in the original scripts for the movie.  Confirmation that it was actually shot came when a screen shot showed on the Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror documentary.  The footage still hasn't come forth.  It is said that the director didn't like it was decided Michael killing an old man hobo would be much more unexpected and exciting.  Leading people to believe anybody could get it.  Thanks Dominique. 

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