Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Memoriam: Ismael Cruz

Hey mikey, how you doin? Look, you can't let those walls get you down... believe me I know. I spent a little time behind walls. I know they can drive you crazy... you gotta look beyond the walls, you know, learn to live inside your head.

Poor Ismael Cruz.   Even though he had committed violent crimes as a child, Ismael took to little Michael and was good and kind to him.  He whispered into his room words of inspiration.  Most of the guards and staff at Smith's Grove Sanitarium were complete assholes to Michael, but not Ismael.  Ismael showed Michael respect.  He served as sort of another paternal figure to Michael, in addition to Dr. Sam Loomis.  While Loomis was all about getting into Michael's mind and trying to fix him, Ismael was ok with who Michael was and played as more a motivational figure, treating him as who he was and not who he wanted to me.  And very non judgmental.
But, on that fateful night of Halloween eve, when Ismael came to Smith's Grove to clock in he witnessed the most horrific scene.  Blood everywhere, people dead and then...Michael out of his room and unrestrained.  Ismael was calm and cool with Michael trying to return him to his room.  You'd have thought Ismael was safe.  Proving he was pure evil, Michael savagely murdered Ismael, first by trying to drown him, and then finishing him off by throwing a heave cathode ray tube television on his head.  The whole time pleading "I was good to you, Mikey!".  It didn't matter, Michael had gone all the way over to becoming evil.  If anyone should have survived or been left alone, it was him.  Alas, evil leaves no survivors.

Here's to Ismael!

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