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My 10 Favroite Kills Of The Halloween Franchise

Okay, so I thought this would be some fun.  He's not as masterful as Freddy or as creative as Jason, but Michael has had some great kills in his run.  Halloween I think is known more for its suspense than its kills for a majority of the series run.  However, they weren't shy about dabbling in what was making its imitators more famous.  This was a bit tougher than I imagined.  If Michael was this tough, I don't know if I'm ready to spend many hours thinking about Jason and Freddy.  There were some omissions that I'm sure you'll point out, but trust me, I thought of them.  I also tried to stay away from deaths that were callbacks to other murders.  I want to point out that these are the ones I enjoyed quite a bit and stuck with me THIS time around (and no..."#1 Tina - Just because" isn't how this list is gonna go).  Opinions, tastes and favorites tend to rotate quite a bit in this life.  I could make this same list and 6 months and I'm sure there'd be some changes and alterations.  And folks, remember with lists like this, its not so much the order, its what's in them that's important.

 Judith Myers - Halloween 1978

The kill that started everything.  It may just be a simple stabbing, but the 1st person perspective steadycam shot leading up to and after the kill make it much more thrilling.  The added bonus of seeing it through the mask is spooky as well.  To top it off, you get the revelation that it was just a little boy who did it.
 Beth - Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers

This one has always been a highlight for me.  I dig the Rear Window inspiration for it.  But I also really love the dread of being able to see the other person's fate right in front of your eyes and not being able to do a damn thing about it.  Its an experience in a movie that the character of Kara gets to share that audiences normally experience throughout a slasher .  I prefer the way it's presented in the Producer's Cut, but this one struck me from the first time I saw it theatrically too.  So flip a coin.

 Kelly Meeker - Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

One of the first characters you just want to see get it, because she's the "slut" who's taking Brady from Rachel.  However...isn't Brady a little guilty too?  Upon finding the dead body of the officer one watch at the house, Kelly turns around to find Michael Myers with a shotgun is actually who she thought was the officer.  And the shape just impales her right into the wall.  It may be an unintentional callback to another death in the series, but its still pretty rad.
 Janet & Dr. Mixter - Halloween II 1981

Since he's found dead by the same method in this scene, I'm including Dr. Mixter.   Janet finds his body, and as she's backing away we get one of the most brilliant shots in the entire series.  Similar to Halloween, Cundey gets Michael to appear from the darkness and poke a syringe needle in Janet's eye.  Not one for those squeemish with eyeballs.

  Little Buddy - Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

Notice I said "Of the Halloween Franchise" not "Michael Myers".  There's no denying this unsettling death of a child in Halloween III.  As a person who shares Indiana Jones' distaste of snakes, this is just so damn icky and gross.  I think the other 2 big deaths in this movie are pretty gruesome as well and noteworthy (the hospital and the woman at the hotel).  This one takes the cake for this movie though.  Even if you don't like this movie, you must admit this death surely was effective.
Sarah - Halloween: H20

 Maybe not so much her actual death, its what she goes through to get there.  Her actual death is Michael stabbing her multiple times (which the way it's film is really weak and weird looking).  Before this she gets stabbed in the leg getting into the little elevator cart thing.  Then, Michael cuts it down as she's getting off of it on the floor about and it lands on that same leg and really f**ks it up.  And this just looks painful as hell.  It's also pretty gruesome with gore that still holds up.  You earned your spot here, Jodi Lynn O'Keefe.

Cynthia & Mason Strode - Halloween 2007

Here's one that is absolutely horrifying.  First it catches you by surprise with the jump scare of Mason getting slashed as he's casually putting out his cigarette and entering the house.   This scene is every bit as gripping and probably better than any home invasion film out there.  It plays so damn real and so damn terrifying.  The Strodes are set up as likeable well to do family.  They are not deserving at all of the sheer unapologetic brutality that befell them.  And when all is finished, if you've ever watched forensics shows or scene pictures of actual crime scenes regarding murder, this is damn near pitch perfect.  Their comfy looking normal home is the exact opposite of the events taking place.  I think what impacts here is how real it is.  How unsuspecting and unnerving it is to watch.  All possible hope is drained.  This scene truly is what horror is.  Also, Dee Wallace's death is creative, creepy and painful.

Nurse Karen - Halloween II 1981

This has long been a favorite kill of mine.  Its cleverly staged and executed.  As a young boy too, it also freaks you out.  What young fella didn't think Pamela Susan Shoop looked good detoweled growing up?  Only to show those again with a completely scalded faced sends a whole set of mixed emotions.  This kill is a pivotal one as its the first death that feels like Michael joining in with the other slasher films of the time.  I have to give a hand to those doing the effects on this one as it holds up beautifully.  Her face is absolutely real looking and nasty.

 Annie Brackett - Halloween II 2009

This death is incredibly well staged and edited.  Its also possibly the most impactful gut punch of a death in the ENTIRE series.  1) its Annie who is already a survivor of 1 very brutal Michael attack and 2) its Danielle Harris whom most people love aside from who she's playing.   The way they don't show you and cut in stuff while Laurie returns home...AMAZING.  And then when her father finds her...absolutely heartbreaking.  The director's cut adds in a little home video of young Danielle which makes it all the more upsetting.  Its brilliant directorial execution and editing.

Bob - Halloween 1978

Yep, its Bob.  Not only is this a terrific jump scare, but its a creative kill in a very simplistic manner.  This is probably a generic entry on this list, but its that good and iconic that it makes the impression.  And most of it comes from Michael's creepy reaction where he just stares at his work and ever so slightly tilts his head.  It's a stroke of sheer brilliance and has seemed to always been the kill I come back to in this series as my favorite.  Fun side note: i once used this clip in a speech on (can't remember what) my freshman year of college.  Was docked a point for it being "too gruesome".  Sh'yah ok.  haha

So those are my favorites.  There were plenty on the cusp of making it that had to go by the wayside.  What's your favorite kill or some of the one's you think I should have mentioned?  Let me know in the comments!


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