Saturday, November 15, 2014

In Memoriam: Taryn White

In my dreams I'm beautiful...and bad!

Taryn had troubles beyond just Freddy Krueger haunting her nightmares.  It appears she may have been in there for a past drug history as well.  But, the drugs could have been her escape or coping mechanism to combat the nightmares.  She was one of the toughest of the bunch and definitely had a mean edge to her.  While it seemed Kristen Parker was set to be the leader of the Dream Warriors, Taryn also could have been a candidate.

As a Dream Warrior, Taryn was quite the badass.  Her look in the film is on par but at the same wildly different than what got depicted on the film's poster.  Here, she's very much a metal-punk type roughian with her switchblades and mohawk.  What was it with the 80s and switchblades?  If you pulled on out in a movie back then it was a sure sign you were a badass and not to be fucked with.  Taryn sports not just one, but 2.  So Freddy better watch out.  And she's also very very spikey and leathery.  Tough stuff all around.
She made it to the final battle, but sadly wound up a casualty of the nightmare man.  The nightmare she enters also probably depicts her past and takes place in a dark shady alley in what appears to be a rough part of town.  In her death, Freddy brought her needle using past to the forefront and did her in once and for all.

Dream Warriors marked the debut for actress Jennifer Rubin.  I haven't seen a lot of movies she's been in, but the ones I have I really enjoyed her in.  I'm surprised she didn't get more work as sort of a B-girl in bigger pictures.  She starred a couple years later as the lead in a Freddy knock off movie too, called Bad Dreams.  Its not too shabby of a movie itself.  And in the 90s there was an underrated Peter Weller starring Phillip K Dick adaptation called Screamers that she was actually pretty damn good in.  Here in Dream Warriors winds up being what she's most famous for, and she gets to deliver one of cinema's worst ever lines with such excitement.

Here's to Taryn!

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