Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Memoriam: Kerry

Relax, Jesse.  Everything's gonna be o-kay!

Kerry was just a super 80s girl, just trying to go through high school having some fun.  Her hair, her style, she was the 80s.  Smacking her bubble gum and for the most part she really just sort of stayed out of harms way and didn't involve herself with Jesse's "problems".  

She was a good friend to Lisa and very interested in her relationship with Jesse.  He may not have been much of a personality, but Grady was hot and that's all that really was important for her, so Kerry took a liking to him.  But, she wasn't going to pine about it, she was quick to move on at Lisa's pool party.  She was also okay with taking off her swim top in front of everybody.  Who was looking anyway, right?
Speaking of the pool party, she managed to get out of the water and escape any sort of attack from Freddy Krueger.  Freddy didn't appear to be interested in Kerry.  Or was that all part of Freddy's big rouse?  Because, she was definitely a part of the big group that Freddy told was "All my children now".

Our girl Kerry made it alllllll the way to the very end.  Or at least as close as one could without surviving.  It seemed she was safe.  Riding the bus with a refreshed and happy Jesse felt like everyone was out of harms way.  Last night was a killer party and she was ready to spend the day at school reminiscing about it.  But then Freddy let it be known that he was no vanquished by impaling his glove right through her chest!  So close...she almost got to see her name roll up the credits.

Here's to Kerry!  Everything's gonna be O-kay!

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