Sunday, November 30, 2014

In Memoriam: Kris Fowles

I'm having these dreams...and there's this man...and he's burned.

Elm Street redux was pretty light on the kills, and I think they should be commended on that.  However, having interesting characters to follow is another thing.  Kris Fowles is basically the surrogate "Tina" for this movie.  Everything about them and their place in the story is pretty much identical except that for some reason, they've decided to flip the name to make this feel new and fresh cuz that's what Platinum Dunes does.
Kris is our lead character pretty much all of Act I.  After she is off'd though, the film becomes much less interesting and dulls down quite a bit.  I actually think this Nightmare film is pretty solid and good for its first act.  And I have to credit Cassidy with actually being someone that is a solid lead to follow around. Aside from looking good in a pair of shorts and bed time T, the actress actually has some life to her and some charisma.  Her character's journey is also one of solving a mystery and leading us through some of the more interesting and good dream sequences in the entire film.
We actually get kind of a little mini Elm Street film with Kris as she is learning of Krueger and having mutliple dreams about him.  Its a shame she couldn't have been given an original death and not been a knock off of the original movie (which once again, looks WAAAYYYYY less groovy than Craven's film).  She deserved to have a much better send off.  But at least for this first act of the film there is both someone and a story worth following.

Here's to Kris!

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