Friday, November 21, 2014

In Memoriam: The Phantom Prowler

Time to die, you scar faced limp-dick!

The Phantom Prowler was once the inked imagination of one Mark Gray.  A comic character he was hoping maybe one day to make a living out of.  Instead of seeing the comic come to life as a prosperous career, he got fully imagine and become the Prowler himself when he came face to face with Freddy in the nightmare world.  And I gotta say, this costume is actually pretty cool for as low budget and quick as this scene came off.  
Mostly this scene is known for Super Freddy and also Freddy on a skateboard (See what I mean, how he totally ruins his own movie?).  The production design on this one is actually pretty impressive.  There's no post work done here.  They actually painting every thing shades of black, white and gray to give the comic book effect.  Also, this is the first time since the third movie where a character actually full embraced having dream powers and did something with it.  

While this doesn't exactly "work", its admirable in its ambition and what they went for here and to build on stuff we established in the third movie.  The Phantom Prowler was actually a pretty solid character to pop up for a couple seconds.

Here's to The Phantom Prowler!

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