Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In Memoriam: The Dream Warriors (Kristen, Joey & Kincaid)

God, I hate dreaming.

We all have better things to dream about.

This aint my dreamland.

The last of the original Elm Street children.  Surviving the ultimate battle with Freddy and getting back to their normal lives didn't last for long.  Kristen felt Freddy's return, but Kincaid and Joey were too happy being normal again to want to believe it.  And these, ultimate champions of the nightmare world dubbed "dream warriors" they sure forgot a lot and didn't seem all too special just a year later.  Hell they even had their own theme song.  Joey and Kincaid barely made it past the ten minute mark of the film and Kristen Parker didn't leave to see Act II.  These characters had history, a bond and skills to match wits with Freddy, but it wasn't to be explored.
Kincaid was the first of them to go.  I love that not a thing has changed about him.  He appears not to having too much of a liking to Kristen's new found friends either.  He gets to witness the resurrection of Freddy, via a dog pissing fire where his bones were laid to rest.  We get hints back of his dream world super strength, but it appears that its nowhere near enough to match odd with Freddy Krueger this time around.
Joey can now speak again after the events of 3.  However, his weakness for topless blondes is still very much a problem.  In the third film he was kidnapped by Freddy with the allure of the nurse in a hospital bed, here he's killed by the girl in his poster come to life inside of his waterbed.  How the hell he doesn't think "Oh shit, Freddy!" is beyond me.  "How's this for a wet dream?" Joey definitely uses little of his brain for thought and pretty much all in his pants for it.  
Kristen may have been everyone's undoing.  She kept meddling in the Freddy-less nightmare world and might've woken him up.  I love that the creepy little girls still populate it in Freddy's absence.  Tuesday Knight was tasked with the part due to Patricia Arquette's pregnancy during the shooting schedule.  I wonder if this film would have gone the same route had Arquette returned.  Knight isn't bad here, she's just lacking some star quality and "it girl" thing that Patricia Arquette had.  Kristen's death also signified the series jumping the shark literally as Freddy's glove makes like a fin and scours through beach water.

Here's to the Dream Warriors!

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