Saturday, November 29, 2014

In Memoriam: Mark Davis

I don't do checkers.  I'm an UNO guy, all right?

Well, its pretty much Mark by default.  He's the only person in the whole movie that Freddy kills.  Freddy's films never had high body counts, so when it came to Freddy and Jason in the movies, I think they got the kill ratio correct here.  Freddy ALLLLLLLMOST got Katharine Isabelle in this movie and you know she would have been this had that gone through ("She was miiiiiine!").  But, we're doing this retrospective from the Freddy angle, so there's no choice other than our mentally unstable Mark Davis.

Mark is sort of like the crazy Ralph of this movie, except his knowledge comes of that of Freddy Krueger.  In fact, Elm Street has never had the soothsayer type that wasn't some sort of spirit from the afterlife.  Mark gets to be pretty crazy and grab many comedic moments in the film.  Plus, he drives that sweet creeper van that harkens back to the early Friday the 13th movies.

His death has Freddy going all out.  His brother, in an odd cameo from Zack Ward (wanted to be in this movie badly maybe?) shows up from a bloody bathtub.  This death looks like it hurts.  I love the part where Freddy's slash on his face just happens from thin air.  Fulfilling his destiny, Freddy writes that Freddy is back on gross bubbly burns on Mark's back.  

Congrats Mark, you're the last kill of the original canon Robert England as Freddy Krueger.  And the only death by his glove in this movie.

Here's to Mark

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