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1, 2 Freddy's Comin' For You : Freddy's 10 Best Kills

Here we go...this needs no real introduction.  Its my 10 favorite or most memorable kills from the A Nightmare On Elm Street series.  These stuck with me one way or another.  Freddy doesn't have a huge roster of victims unlike Jason and Michael.  Since he tends to make an event of each victim, if he had those sort of numbers, his movies would be like 5 hours a piece.  I also tried to keep these from being just "Freddy stabs with the glove" kills.  A lot of these picks' placement tended to have the more elaborate effects and gross out factor win over.  Anywho, here we go, Top 10 Freddy kills

10. Glenn, A Nightmare On Elm Street

This is one of the most classic moments from the series.  Johnny Deep gets sucked in a bed and swimming pools full of blood get spewed out.  Its rather simple, but a very effective and still and impressive effect.  Originally he was going to pop back up a bloody body, but they cut that out.  I think they made the right choice.

9. Mark, The Dream Child

While there's nothing too scary about this death, I'm giving it credit for being really imaginative.  There's some good filmmaking, effects and ideas on display here.  Plus the animated slashed figure actually looks really impressive for such a low budget feature.

8. Julie, Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Its not very original, no.  But its a well done homage to a death in the original, but with a different perspective in which we get to see Freddy commit the murder.  Its both a chilling moment and a crowd pleaser.

7.  Taryn, Dream Warriors

"Let's get high", one of the better Freddy pun deaths in the series.  Instead of being just a rim shot joke, its actually deeper and darker than that.  Its also super personal to the character and haunting in its own right.

6. Carlos, Freddy's Dead

I wish this was in a better movie.  As I mentioned in the article, one of the brighter spots in this movie was how well orchestrated this death was.  Its deeper, dark and then its also got some solid humor to it.  And it has you in suspense waiting for the inevitable.

5.  Debbie - Roach Motel, The Dream Master

This one is pretty crazy and out there.  Like, a lot of traveling thoughts went into creating this.  However, the execution totally works.  And its gross, too.  The Cronenberg "The Fly" type effects are goopy and disgusting.  Its wild, weird, gross and works.

4.  Jennifer, Dream Warriors

I don't think its any question the "Welcome to prime time, bitch!" would make the list.  This is one of the single most important moments in the series, mainly because this is the spot where things turned around and people got the idea that Freddy should be a comic.  As for the kill, its pretty damn cool even without the hoopla.

3.  Greta, The Dream Child

Yeah, I know Dream Child has two on this list and is one of the lesser movies, but I admire a couple of the kills.  And this one has always grossed me out.  Freddy feeds her to herself.  He stuffs her so much, she looks like some sort of disgusting Garbage Pail Kids.  I hear this is one of the scenes that got chopped up most by the MPAA...but I've always been grossed out by it even in its rated from.

2.  Phillip, Dream Warriors

Oh man...the first time I was this one, I'm pretty sure I got pretty light headed.  Veins and stuff ripping from his arms and legs and then Freddy playing him like a marionette...just gives me the willies.  And the effects on this death works so damn well.  Still when I watch this one I get so damn squeamish.  

1. Tina, A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

We don't even get to see Freddy in this kill, but we see his handy work.  The first kill in the series and it reigns incredibly iconic.  Amanda Wyss sliding around the walls and the ceiling getting cut up, just works on so many different eerie levels.  It works on both slasher and paranormal areas of horror.  Its really bloody, painful and hurts because it happens to what was our main character at the time in the film.  Whenever I think of Freddy's kills, this is one that will always pop up first.

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