Monday, November 24, 2014

In Memoriam: Carlos

Yeah, well, the map says we're fucked.

Carlos was a troubled kid, coming out of an abusive family.  He just wanted to get out of the youth center.  He wound up in Springwood, going by the old Elm Street locale with the other two kids.  And they were all unable to escape.  While he wanted to come off as a hard ass, I think Carlos had that heart of gold and really wanted to do well in life.  He's much better than that little shit Spencer who gets killed in the video game.
While I did just write a piece loathing Freddy's Dead, I've always really enjoyed Carlos' death.  Its really a grand nightmare and one of the things this film gets right.  Freddy taunts Carlos by digging up uncomfortable memories and figures of his past.  Carlos is then tormented by Freddy using his weaknesses against him.

The sequence where Freddy plays around with Carlos' hearing aid and his hearing is actually well executed and playful a darkly humorous fashion.  Its also gets you a little squeamish at how loud something might end up or with what sort of bodily harm may be done to Carlos.  This sequence belongs in a better movie.

Here's to Carlos!

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