Monday, January 19, 2015

The Favorite Films Before My Lifetime: 1963

Hey everyone, another busy day, another more brief entry.  1963 was another solid year, with plenty to choose from.  My list this time composes of classics, genre faves and one I think should get some more credit.  

Here's the Academy

WINNER - Tom Jones
America, America
How The West Was Won
Lillies Of The Field

And the Brandon

8 1/2

Highly influential and a must for anyone interested in great films, foreign films, film history of that of avant garde cinema.

The Birds

One of Hitchock's most highly touted films.  I'm not as big on it as most, but its still great.  Some will scoff at some of the groundbreaking effects for 1963 as they do date.  But, these people don't realize there's more to this movie that just the birds.


Speaking of Hitchcock.  This is one of the best "Hitchcock-like" thrillers that he didn't do.

From Russia With Love

My all-time favorite James Bond film.  Just perfect.  Back when I did my Bond retro I wrote about it, which you can find right HERE.

The Great Escape

A seminal movie in both the McQueen canon and the action film.  This is a nice character driven thriller, full of suspense and some great crowd pleasing moments.

The Sword In The Stone

Might be my favorite classic era Disney animated film.  I've always thought this one deserved more respect.  Its also one of my favorite fantasy films ever, too.

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