Friday, January 30, 2015

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (aka The Favorite Films Before My Lifetime: 1952)

This weird thing happened when I got to 1952.  I hadn't seen a lot of movies from this year or of the couple I had seen, I didn't really remember or know much to talk about them.  Don't worry, I had plenty to pick from for tomorrow's finale 1951.  However, the one film that was there and one of the easiest and best picks of the entire series was that of the cinematic perfection that is SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.  Why not just give the film its own full day?

Singin' In The Rain was one of those films growing up in the 90s (for me) that you kinda felt like you maybe knew it without even seeing it.  Clips were always used in commercial, TV, Hollywood montages, etc.  Oh and there's that whole scene in A Clockwork Orange, too.  You know some of the dances, the songs, la la la.  Even though I've always been a fan of musicals, I kind of just never picked it up to watch because I knew enough that I felt maybe it could wait.  And then, I just never got to it.

It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I finally saw the film (I believe it was the fall of 2001 to be correct).  My film genres course was hitting the musical genre and this was on the roster for our class viewing.  It was going to be nice to finally see the film, but I wasn't really jones'ing before the screening.

When the film started and I found out what the subject matter was really about, my jaw pretty much dropped.  I was such an idiot!  This film was totally not what I thought it was about (To be honest aside from song and dance I really didn't what it was truly about).  And its subject matter was something that I truly endeared.  If you like films about Hollywood history and movies about making movies, this is one of, if not THE best at doing so.  Not only that, it was a damn fine film indeed.  I laughed greatly, and really enjoyed what a clever film it was.  

No, I haven't talked about the film itself really.  This series is a lot more about my personal experiences with movies or some things here or there that I love about a film.  Its one that truly and thankfully surprised the heck out of me the first time I saw it.  And I'm sure my feelings on Singin' In The Rain match up with most everyone's.  Its one of the finest films ever crafted and if you've not seen it, pick it up.  It'll charm your pants off!

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