Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poster For WORLD WAR Z Has Brad Pitt Overlooking Fallout Of Zombie Apocalypse

Here's a new one-sheet for this summer's zombie epic WORLD WAR Z that dropped today.  While the poster doesn't showcase any sort of zombies themselves, their havoc can be seen from above.  The poster definitely evokes the scale this movie is going to have.  This is the biggest, most expensive zombie movie ever made, yet has been riddled with well publicized production troubles.  The fear we have, is that the film will turn out to be one big giant mess.  But, you never know, the suits or whoever decided to go and reshoot things might have done the correct thing.  My new worry is the likely to be PG-13 bloodless zombie film we will be partaking in.  In the era of THE WALKING DEAD being the most popular show on cable television, people have become used to brain splattering and limbs being torn off on weekly basis.  This might be "wimpy" for people who aren't even gore hounds.  But, if the film manages some great action sequences and suspenseful situations wrapped up in a decent narrative it shouldn't matter.

WORLD WAR Z opens June 21 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D


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