Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ELYSIUM Gets A Wonderful Trailer

Judging from this trailer, Neill Blomkanp's follow-up to District 9, Elysium is selling us a quite epic science fiction movie.  Matt Damon doesn't dabble much in the sci-fi ream (Adjustment Bureau and voicework in Titan AE seem to be it), so it'll be nice to see him bringing his always A-Game to the table.  Jodi Foster hasn't been in a big movie in a while and is quite a welcome site as what appears to be the villain.  And with a nice touch, William Fichtner brings great character work to any film.  For the Bond fans, hey look, Talisa Soto (License to Kill) is in this thing.  Budgeted at a reasonable $100 mil, this thing definitely shows it money.

This one was definitely on the watch list, but after this, I'm not missing it opening weekend.  How about you?

Elysium opens August 9th

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