Friday, December 20, 2013

BONUS: Griswold Expanded Universe

While there's been no films since...well, let's forget that one....the Griswolds have popped up on two other occasions for "new" adventures and homages. This piece is to acknowledge and take a little look at them.

DirecTV - 2008
Christie Brinkley reprised her role from in the first film in a recreation of the pool scene for the first movie.  This was part of an ad campaign that found actors reprising their roles in scenes from their classic movies and stopping to tell you about how "awesome" DirecTV is. This campaign led to a controversial ad with Craig T Nelson acting alongside the character of Carol Anne in a Poltergeist sequence in which people thought it was distasteful.  Personally, i think people will get peeved at any little thing.  If you're gonna be mad about that...are you even allowed to watch, spoof or throw a tribute to Poltergeist or that character ever?  Anyway, this is the Vacation retro, we'll talk about Poltergeist whenever that time comes.

Hotel Hell Vacation - 2010

During the 2010 Superbowl, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo stepped back into the Clark and Ellen roles for a short film to advertise HomeAway Inc.  This short even gave us a new Rusty.  Its an ok little thing, but much of really cheaply done and feels almost like rehearsals for largely unscripted improv scenarios.  See for yourself.

Old Navy - 2012

Old Navy brought back 3/4 of the Christmas Vacation family to reinact a scene from the film (you too good for Old Navy, Galecki??? Lol).  But wait, that's not all, we get another commercial poking fun at the Rusty and Audreys which brings back Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively and Dana Barron (i'm glad she's a part of this after that last movie).  They're pretty fun commercials for fans (and contains probably Jason Lively's best Rusty moment).

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