Thursday, May 16, 2013

TRAILER: Pacific Rim #2 The scale of this movie is insane. So far, its not just my Guillermo del Toro fanboy loving this, this looks like the very definition of why we go to the movies. Big monsters! Big robots! That's all we need. I don't see any reason anyone WOULDN'T want to see this on the biggest screen imaginable. For those of you pirating bootlegs...are you really going to "get" the impact of PACIFIC RIM watching a camcorder'd copy of a guy sitting in a theater on your laptop screen? This movie is saying "THEATER OR NOTHING ELSE". This movie one of the biggies on mine and probably every other movie buff's hit list for summer 2013. I haven't done a whole lot of digging other than released footage and photos as I'd like to be as clean going in as I can. I'm really excited, this feels like it could be one of those epic cinema going experiences.

 PACIFIC RIM cancels the apocalypse July 12!

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