Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, Stop Right Now! You've Won!

This is my plea to the HUNGER GAMES franchise.  Stop it with the posters right now.  Use this as your final poster.  You've created something incredibly awesome.  No need to go further.  No, we don't need any more like this via individual characters in this style, this is just fine.  Put this everywhere.  Different sizes and shapes of it...okay.  I understand you need billboards and bus renditions.  That's ok.  This is easily the coolest poster this year and easily one of the best in the last few.  Relax HUNGER GAMES marketing team, you just scored a huge win!  People are going to go see your movie...that's already a given.  So, save your cash and start thinking about cool posters for MOCKING JAY Part 1

BTW, I need to mention before I sign off here...I LOVE THIS POSTER!  Bravo Lionsgate!

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