Friday, April 4, 2014

Celebrating 1 Year Of Naptown Nerd!

Okay, so Naptown Nerd has been open for business for 1 whole year already.  And in a weird twist of fate, this is also the 200th post on the site.  Totally unintentional, I didn't notice I was at 199 until yesterday morning. This place almost got to 50,000 hits in a year which is pretty awesome considering I don't really go out of my way to market it aside from Twitter, Facebook and mentioning it on podcasts.

This post is not just a "Happy Birthday, Naptown Nerd!" post but also a thank you to everyone who has contributed in some way/shape/form to this blog.  A thank you to my awesome guest writers during '31 Days Of Halloween' which was a stunning success for this place.  Thank you to all of you who read this place on a consistent basis or just here and there.  Thank you to those who share my articles or link to pieces in your own on articles on your respective sites.  Thank you to the people who comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter and like to get a conversation started.  Thank you to those who simply "Like"/retweet/favorite these articles on social media.  Thanks to those who invite and have me guest on their podcasts to discuss film and things I write about on here.  Thanks to those who have liked what I've done here and given me opportunity elsewhere.  I enjoy what I do here or else I wouldn't be doing it, but its all of you that make it the rewarding experience that keeps it fun and effortless.

In the coming months, Naptown Nerd might be a bit spotty as Baby #2 is coming at the tail end of May, but don't worry, its not going anywhere (it may just be a "when I feel like it" for a while).  And you can always read my reviews at Why So Blu? for your Brandon-fix.  I've also got an additional film-related venture in the works, but you'll get more on that as it gets closer to fruition.

Once again, thank you so much.  I never thought this place would take off as fast as it did.  I thought I'd be writing to some 5-10 people forever.  I'm humbled and eternally grateful for all of you that make Naptown Nerd a part of your internet reading.

In a show of appreciation, here's some links to sites/podcasts I'd like share and give some appreciation toward

A Touch Of Crass

HHWLOD Podcast Network

The Code Is Zeek

The Ticket Booth At Forbes

The Short Stories of Randy L Shaffer



Reviews From A Bed


Windsor Media Productions LLC

The Young Folks

All right all right all right, I'll be back next week to start the first retrospective of Naptown Nerd Phase II!

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