Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Robocop Podcasts!

As sometimes occurs during these retrospective series, I get called up to guest on the show I boast the most, Out Now With Aaron and Abe.  In conjunction with the Robocop remake, I not only did the weekly episode for the show, but we also did another one of the popular commentaries on the original Robocop.  In addition to myself, the commentary features Aaron and Jim Dietz, and its actually a really great discussion about the Robocop series, remakes and filmmaking of the 1980s.  Its pretty impressive.  Be sure to check these out if you have the time.

The weekly episode also features Philip Vandy Price.  You can follow him on Twitter: @VandyPrice.  And then you can read his work at

ROBOCOP - Out Now with Aaron & Abe (Episode #138)

ROBOCOP - Commentary with Aaron Neuwirth, Jim Dietz & Brandon Peters

And yes folks, MBV3D is on its way...

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