Monday, September 28, 2015

Back To Bond: The Living Daylights COMMENTARY

It was very much around 3 years ago that I did my first podcast commentary guest spot on Out Now With Aaron & Abe to discuss From Russia With Love and then subsequently 3 more Bond films.  Apparently I did decent enough as I've been honored to have found myself as a mainstay on the Out Now bonus commentary episodes ever since (And will continue to do so every time they ask me).  We covered 4 Bonds during that time (Connery, Moore, Brosnan, Craig), so now we move on to Timothy Dalton with The Living Daylights.  As most of you know this is one of my favorite all time Bond films (Both of Dalton's are).  Scott Mendelson returns and joining is one of the coolest MI6 agents around, Randy Shaffer.

Like always, this discussion goes beyond just the movie at the helm and Sylvester Stallone fans are in for a treat.  Watching the movie along with us is fun, but its not a requirement.

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