Monday, April 6, 2015

Leprechaun In Tha Rankings

Well, we got through Leprechaun and we survived.  Its an iconic franchise mainly because it was one that had no shame.  Warwick Davis in the role was indeed something special, but its the desire to get silly for mainly the shock of just the idea of the film when someone is perusing the video store and seeing the boxes.  "They did what with the Leprechaun".  There are children's movies scarier than this series.  But where it relishes is in the joy of watching Warwick Davis and watching the films be just as dumb as you'd think and pull of some good humor from time to time.

Where do we go from here with the franchise?  Honestly, I hope we've really seen the last of the Leprechaun.  Unless its some kind of classic horror team up that brings back Warwick Davis and mixes him with the likes of Chucky or other monsters.  Aside from that, I think they've gone as far as they can with him.  And this new one, the quicker its forgotten the better.  Nobody wants to see any more of that.  

Anywho...we rank 'em, cuz that's what we do!

7. Leprechaun: Origins

This one is beyond terrible, and the less I have to think or write anymore about it, the better.  Not that a Leprechaun reboot should be something great, but good god, someone surely could have done something better than this, right?  RIGHT?  Look at the other films in this series...AND YOU PLACED LAST?!?!?!  I don't know whether to applaud them for doing the impossible or to have them blacklisted for this feat.

6. Leprechaun 2

Should we throw down some confetti or something?  Leprechaun 2 has been dethroned from being the worst film in the franchise.  Now its even more annoying because its so bad, but it can't even take the prize for being the worst.  That said, some of Shevonne Durkin's line deliveries and watching Sandy Baron chew scenery are far more entertaining than 1 frame of Origins.

5. Leprechaun

This one's problem is that it tries to be a horror movie and a competent film.  Which, yes, sounds weird, but when it comes to the Leprechaun movies, it makes for a boring affair.  Jennifer Aniston is fun to see here in her debut, but that luster will wear off after a few scenes.  It just feels like a 45-50 minute film with a lot of padding to keep the runtime to feature length.

4. Leprechaun In The Hood

This one is both funny and at the same time stale.  Its pretty reserved in terms of the type of crude exploitative humor the title suggests its going to have.  I'll say it again, but it reeks of an out of touch older white guy making something out of his element.  There are some strong moments here, and its cheesy and giving enough of what you want to get you through it.  Its also got some better character work and B-plot than most all of the movies.

3. Leprechaun 4: In Space

Brian Trenchard-Smith really had a grasp on how to make these stupid things work.  He takes it on an extreme here, but it manages to be a highly entertaining fair.  Even its unintentional shortcomings in the effects department work in hindsight at making the film funnier.  The only problem with the film is that its almost too exploitative in that there's really nothing much else aside from the gags.  Its pretty hollow and its characters and motivations are unclear aside from "Stop the Leprechaun, because".  Luckily, its craziness elevates it.

2. Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood

I actually found this one to be pretty silly and funny.  Its everything the previous Hood movie promises to be.  Its got a director that understands things and manages to inject one last breath of life into this series and make it pretty entertaining in what would be the last original canon entry.  In regards to this series and how it is, its a pretty good sendoff.

1. Leprechaun 3

I guess if you have to see 1 Leprechaun film...this is the one.  Its got the right mind for the humor and mixes it with some fun kills and gore.  Its got some weird to it (The guy turning into a Leprechaun) as well as one of the better casts.  Warwick Davis and Brian Trenchard-Smith completely click here this time out.  Its Leprechaun goes to Vegas and doesn't forget that, giving you fun little asides that have the spirit of the city in check.  No, this isn't some masterpiece or unheralded gem.  Not even close.  But if you want to give yourself the best chance to enjoy a Leprechaun movie or see what the series looks like firing on all cylinders and at its very peak, this is the one.

That's it!  We've done Leprechaun!  Thanks to those of you who kept coming back to read on these.  I know this isn't a popular series, but its one I've long wanted to cover here.  Now you must be wondering if I've done Mannequin and Leprechaun, what's next?  Subspecies?  Not quite.  We're going to bump up the quality here exponentially.  I don't know when the next one is going to actually start, though if you know what it is, you'll have a good idea what my deadline is.  Until then, I'll leave you with this.

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