Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SAW Retrospective: The Scott Tibbs Documentary (2006)

The Scott Tibbs Documentary
Director:  Kelly Lynn Pancho
Starring:  Zach Starr, Don Baldaramos, Shawnee Smith, Carrie Newell and Brandon Peters as "News Camera Op #2"

Scott Tibbs style, baby!
      ~Scott Tibbs

If you're wondering why I'm including a bonus featurette (short film) from the Saw II Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD, its because in the SAW'verse I'm a local news cameraman covering the John Kramer Jigsaw murders.   Nope, I have no lines, and you don't even get to see my face, but I'm right there as the lead character of Scott Tibbs pushes me aside to get his coverage of the police press conference a clearer view.  Its not much, but its a fun little factoid about me that I have some sort of miniscule connection to the Saw film series.  And hey...I also got ported over to Blu-ray!

When I lived in Los Angeles, my office was in the Deluxe building in Burbank.  I didn't work for Deluxe, but I was right there.  Aside from authoring DVDs, they did have a production team that did bonus material for home video releases, like commentaries, interviews and even little shorts like this.  For this one, they were wanting to make someting akin to "Rings" the short film that bridged The Ring and The Ring 2.  They were using the character of Scott Tibbs, who was name dropped in the first film, to provide that connective tissue. 

I had seen signs in the building offering up auditions and volunteering for extra work, but I just kinda read it and moved on about my day.  It wasn't until I was coming in from lunch and I noticed these two girls just kinda acknowledging me strangely a bit on my way in.  Then I heard them talking to my boss for permission to speak with me.  They said they were with that production team and saw me outside and thought I'd be perfect for a certain part in the film.  I got measured for costume and scheduled to do a shoot.  It was pretty cool.  I didn't know what I was going to be, but I was pretty excited and the prospect of being David Boreanez'd off the street.

Well, when I got there I was told the outfit I wore to the shoot was better than the costume that they had planned for me.  I was told I would be playing the featured cameraman in the film.  I got to the set, as you'll see, plenty of extras and such involved.  The director was coming around and looking for me.  He was incredibly enthusiatic to meet me and we jabbed about film for a bit and it was really fun.  I was really excited to know what I'd be doing.  Turns out, featured cameraman meant I'd be the only one with an actual heavy ass, old school news camera that wasn't made out of cardboard.  And, the main character would be pushing his way around me.  That was my importance of the four hour shoot and my little high horse of thinking I was "special" deflated.  Haha.  Its pretty funny and wonderfully humbling.

Aside from a sore shoulder the next day, I did have a lot of fun on this (Even if its not really any of quality).  There are some things I worked on in my time in Los Angeles I still haven't seen, so its cool that I do have something to hold onto.  Oh, and my friend Carrie was also in this, but she got to have a nice meaty part and get socked in the face by Shawnee Smith.  So that's super cool.  Well, I'll quit babbling, and if you want to watch, check it out below.  I've highlighted myself in the top pick in case you're looking for me. 

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