Friday, August 15, 2014

Ranking The STEP UP Franchise

Here we are at the end of the double-retrospective.  Step Up was probably territory that you didn't expect me to cover here on Naptown Nerd.  I personally find fun in exploring a film franchise that I have no experience with.  I'm not some negative Nancy, I don't turn my nose up to the idea of someting I'm unfamiliar with.  Step Up was something I never checked out and largely ignored but that's mainly because I thought I knew what it was, but really had no idea.  And really to know something or pass judgement on a film you need to see it for yourself before you can trash or act like you know something about it.  These aren't perfect movies and they were never meant to be, and the stronger films in the franchise grasp that.  I found myself enjoying more films in the series than I didn't.  There are 2 of these films I really think people should give a spin.  They are basically kung fu movies with intense dancing instead of fight scenes.  If you dig midnight movies, b-movies or crazy movies, you should definitely try and check out the top 3 on here.  Alas...rankings...and that tease to the next retrospective.

5.  Step Up Revolution (2012)

If I never have to see this one again, I'll be happy.  It did some sort of round robin of doing as many things wrong as possible.  Its a drastic turn for the worse from its predecesser and takes itself way too damn seriously.  Its astonishing that the fifth one would actually salvage these characters as they are incredibly hollow and poorly performed.  Oh yeah, and its poorly directed.

4.  Step Up (2006)

This isn't a terrible movie, its just uninspired and boring.  The film plays exactly as you assume its going to from the outset.  For some, this is that sort of teen romance that is just some fun junk food to soak in.  For those of us not so much into it, its a slightly interesting yawner.  Although in hindsight, its fun to see where C Tates came from and the movies he puts on.

3.  Step Up 2: The Streets

This is where the fun started.  It still wants to try and be a serious film, but it starts basing things more around crazy dances and less plot.  I kinda find some of the off casting pretty funny in this one.  Its kind of a stupid good time.  Plus, we get introduced to Moose which is the most important aspect of this one.  Its also got one of the funnier "team breaks up, everybody down in the dumps" montages of the whole series.

2.  Step Up:  All In

I had a desire to put this in first.  Its real close.  I'm gonna have to watch this and #1 again to fully judge.  But I was on a solid high after seeing this one.  It followed 3's lead in being just a crazy dance opus, but also managed to fit in a workable plot that actually seems to matter for once.  Favorite characters mix in old with new and give us something more than just handsome guy and pretty girl have chemistry developments.  This one does have the best opening dance club battle of the entire series though. And with The Mob of all groups, too.

1.  Step Up 3D

The craziness of this movie is its greatest strenght.  Jon M Chu says "F it" and makes a movie led by its dancing.  There is so much genuine fun in this fast paced movie its hard not to enjoy.  Its wild, weird, charming and impressive all at the same time.  When trying to choose between this and All In for #1, it came down to this one having a little bit better pacing, but also my favorite dance number of the entire series coming from this entry.  Oh, and it introduces the robot guy!  If you see one Step Up movie, make it 3D!

Thanks for checking out the Step Up retrospective (and the Turtles one too).  I hope those of you who discovered it for the first time had some fun with some of these as I have.  I'll definitely be checking out further entries theatrically as long as they err on the fun side (with the box office I think we're heading VOD though). 

End of one retrospective...onto the next...

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