Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pre-Order Issue #3 Of THE BLOOD QUEEN!

I'm taking Naptown Nerd a bit locally to its Naptown name.  My good friend Troy Brownfield, a great writer of many things and notably comics.  Currently he's pushing letting your local comic book shop know about pre-orders of his series The Blood Queen, in order to make sure the stores are properly stocked and meet demands.  I'll let Troy explain after the jump:

Friends, here's the deal. Both pros and readers of comics know that pre-orders are essential. Retailers often don't know how many copies of a title to order, if any, unless readers let them know in advance. Inasmuch as we like to walk in and pick a book up right off the shelf on release day, the fact is that the retailer might not be able to stock that title unless they get pre-orders for it. With that it mind, I'm taking a page from the playbooks of the likes of Official Warren Ellis Compound and Dirk Manning and providing you with a printable certificate right here for Blood Queen #3, due in August fromDynamite. It gives you the order codes for each cover, and also contains boxes for the two covers of issue #2 if you want to make sure that's been ordered for you as well. Just print it, fill it out, and give it to your retailer so that they know you want the book. If you do. Of course you do! So if you're interested, take it to your comic shop and tell them that you want Blood. Thanks for reading!

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