Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BATMAN - Commentary & The Year That Made Me A Bigger Film Lover

I know yesterday was the big anniversary of one of my all time favorite moviesTim Burton's BATMAN (its usually #2-5 if I make a list).  For one, if people were going to read one article about the movie, I preferred it to be Scott Mendelson's incredible box office and film trend history on it yesterday in FORBES.  And two, when I was gonna post this last night, I couldn't because my power was out. 

To me, this was and still is the best Batman movie.  Sorry Nolan-ites, I guess I'm a sad loser that has a "nostalgia" about experiencing my first BIG movie at the theater and one that made me the big fan of cinema I am today.  Had Batman not happened, I'm sure it would have happened some way shape or form and maybe my tastes might be different (I clung to all the gothic stuff and "dark" tone it had at the time).  You'll hear me talk all about stuff in the commentary, so I won't sit here and write stuff you're going to hear.

My mother and grandma took me and my best friend to see Batman opening day.  I remember being in an absolutely crowded Holiday 2 theater (a large movie theater that no longer exists in Ft. Wayne, IN) waiting for it to start.  I had never seen a place so full and so crazy.  These kinda crazy looking guys came walking down the aisles and said "Start the damn movie!" and boom, it really did start (no trailers even). 

What I saw on the screen that day was larger than life.  It amazed me and thrilled me like nothing I had seen before.  And I wanted more more more.  And luckily, Summer 1989 was just the place to have that.  My love for film franchises definitely was born that summer as there was so much to see an latch onto.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, License To Kill, Ghostbusters II, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Karate Kid part III, Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Lethal Weapon 2, A Nightmare On Elm Street V: The Dream Child all came out that summer.  Being sequel heavy in a summer is nothing new, its been going on for years and years.  But man, '89 was stacked.

Any who...I did a commentary with Scott on Out Now with Aaron & Abe to discuss with Aaron & Abe our affinity toward the Burton film and why its such an important landmark in our film loving lives (it's even one of Aaron's first memories). Listen here, its terrific!

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