Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Podcast Guest Spot: Out Now With Aaron & Abe Celebrates Its 150th Episode!

The podcast I frequently guest on, OUT NOW WITH AARON & ABE has just hit the 150th episode milestone.  For this podcast, they brought on me, Scott Mendelson and Maxwell Haddad to discuss some of our all time favorite films (a top 20 mind you).  Jake Destree, you asked for this awhile back and you have received.  Granted, this is not a set list for me, as there's glaring omissions, stuff I would've liked to put on there but didn't have room, yada yada yada...its tough, okay?  haha.  Anyway, below is the link for your listening pleasure.  This is one the absolutely best film conversations I've had the pleasure of taking part it.  Its a longer episode, but it really wasn't long enough :)  Thanks for having me once again, Aaron & Abe!

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