Friday, January 10, 2014

The Favorite Films Of My Lifetime: 1991

Forewarning, there's a really wild choice here in this year's picks.  But, damnit, I'm going to go ahead and go with it.  And when you read about it, maybe you'll get why.  Plus if you know me and some of the movies that I tend to watch and attach myself to, you'll understand.  1991 had a lot of cool stuff and a lot of middle of the road stuff for me.  Things have slid a little as far as "absolute favorites" for me following 1989.  But, hell, we still have plenty of good stuff to choose from.  Tim Burton ended his own streak by not making a movie in this year.

WINNER - The Silence Of The Lambs
Beauty & The Beast
The Prince Of Tides

Now for my 1991.  I want to extend a shout out to Hook for my friend Matt Molitor as to avoid any sort of rumble that may come from its exclusion! ;)

Cool As Ice

Woah woah woah woah woah woah WHAT THE F*%K, BRANDON!?!?!?!  Yeah, when I was perusing titles released in 1991, I marked this down.  And when I was dwindling this down to 10, there was a lot of stuff that I liked but wasn't incredibly attached too.  Like 83 where there was some stretching it, 91 provided me with this.  And damnit, I'm not going to deny that I really enjoy this movie.  Don't knock me til you've seen it.  This movie is frickin' crazy.  There are many many instances in this movie that your eyes cannot believe what they are seeing on screen.  A symphany of zaniness and subpar script, it all works because I've gotten more laughs watching this movie in the present day than I do most of our modern comedies.  The film is just completely ridiculous, corny and flat up retarded...but I love it.  So the stars aligned, and Vanilla made the list!

The Last Boy Scout

This Tony Scott/Shane Black/Bruce Willis vehicle still holds up and is pretty awesome.  Yeah, its got a ridiculous opening sequence, but for me, I think this was Bruce's best film between Die Hards and his best non-Die Hard straight action vehicle.  It's also got a wicked villain kill.  Its also go the loveable Danielle Harris as Bruce's potty-mouth daughter.  Damon Wayons is solid and proves to be a legitimate pairing for Bruce.  Its a solid, fun movie that just works.  There's also a lot of good talent here collaborating to make a straight action picture.

The Rocketeer

This was one of the superhero answers to Batman back in the day.  And from what I remember it wasn't really well received upon arrival.  I always liked this one.  It was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of old movie serials from back in the day.  I think most people from my generation and after latched onto and its now got a solid reputation and following.  Also, Timothy Dalton is pretty awesome as the villain in it.  I loved the costume and I loved the vintage adventure that Joe Johnston brought to the table.  It was because of this movie that I knew Joe Johnston was the perfect director for the first Captain America film 20 years later.

The Silence Of The Lambs

Jot it down.  This is the first time the Best Picture winner has landed in my list.  This is about as close to a perfect movie as perfect gets.  And yes, its one of the best HORROR movies of all time.  I know there's all sorts of doubters to its status in the genre, but come on...look at it.  Its got all the qualities.  It started its own subgenre that many films like Seven & Copycat started ripping off.  Just because the film is aimed squarely at adults doesn't mean its not horror.  Its horror, done and done.  The film has some quirky moments to it, that you don't even think about because it has done its work and earned the right to be that way.  The film is flippin' terrific.  Silence won Oscars in all major categories and it deserved every single one.  Its a shame they were never able to catch this lightning in a bottle again when franchising it.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Nicholas Meyer returns for the swan song voyage of the original crew and to no surprise its the second best movie in the entire franchise.  It stinks that some of the crew came over for the following film as this is the perfect exit.  And this film is a character's name away from bringing brilliant and almost having an incredibly shocking twist.  But we'll blame Kim Cattrall for that.  Its Trek at its very best for one last time and I have nothing but praises to sing this movie.  I enjoyed it a lot the first time I saw it and have constantly revisited it and it continues to hold up and I continue to like it even more.  I'd love to see the Abrams crew actually do some actual trekking know...the series is supposed to.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

While I prefer the first movie, I don't deny that this one is frickin' awesome as well.  T2 was an absolutely phenomenon.  To look back and see how long this series stood dormant with no sequel is absolutely shocking.  Its basically a big budget remake of the first movie, but James Cameron manages to keep it absolutely fresh and adds enough other factors to repackage it as a brand new movie.  It made for one of the best 1-2 punch of a movie and its sequel ever.  But now we have 4 of them and a television series, so this franchises legend and perfection has watered down.  But, whenever you go back to the original two films, you'll see exactly why there was such hype and such phenomenon and why they keep making additional movies and stuff for it.

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