Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sleepy Hollow - Episode 09 - "Sanctuary"

My loyal CraneCasters, apologies up front.  I've had a busy week and was planing on writing this while out of town.  Unfortunately as I sit to write this, I realize I have forgotten to pack my notes.  So, I'm not going to be able to provide a play by play this week but I can give you my thoughts Sleepy Hollow's latest episode before taking a week off.

This episode revolved around a "haunted" house.  While the episode was kind of a one off from the main narrative of the series, its not without MAJOR merit as we'll later find out.  Instead of tackling Moloch and the Horseman head on we get some material that deepens the lore of the series and enrichens the ever growing mythology of this wonderfully crazy series.
This house was once owned and operated by a warlock who of course was friends with Ichabod and Katrina in yesteryear and was the last scene of where Katrina found refuge.  In the present day, a descendant who has been looking for the house finally finds it.  She's a Hollywood socialite/actress/whatever, and her and her bodyguard (whom we also see in the wartime flashbacks as well) are attacked by vines in the house Evil Dead style.  Ichabod and Abbie go to the house and find the bodyguard dead and the woman vined up in a closet.  When attacking the vines, they bleed.  This leads to a monster to form outside and proceed to enter the house to attack.  There are some awesome chases and creatively edited chase scenes using flashlights during this excursion.

On the outside of the episode, that is yes...Thanksgiving themed...Jenny and Irving share some fun flirtation and a budding relationship in the office.  Maybe this should have been obvious, or we were looking at Abbie and Ichabod too much to notice, but we have our possible romantic couple here.  Its bluntly brought front and center when Irving's wife shows up with his kid (who is disabled).  Irving's dealings with this case are coming down at home for Irving as he hasn't been able to spend time with his daughter and his wife says if it continues she will demand full custody.  This will be an interesting factor for Irving's character going forward.  They are really fleshing him out nicely in the last 3 episodes.  And the Jenny/Irving relations ship gets even more on the nose when his daughter flat thinks that Jenny is his girlfriend.  I'm cool with all this, and am ready for the Irving-Jenny couple.  How about you?
Meanwhile at the house, the ghost of a servant begins showing Abbie events taking place when Katrina sought refuge in the house, while Ichabod goes Jack Nicholson with an axe.  Double shocker ahead as we first find out that Katrina was pregnant when she came to the house and also gave birth.  When all is said and done with monster, more research shows that the servant at the house that delivered the baby and who was the ghost that showed Abbie the past was indeed an ancestor of Abbie.  This further links and connects our two main characters.  Its all crazy, outlandish and I can't get enough of it.  This show and its constant outrageous twists and turns have me in love with it.

After two of the most intense, action packed and plot moving episodes, it was time to take it down a notch.  This one was pretty good in its own right.  While on the outside it seemed standalone and monster of the week, this show is smarter than that.  They smartly wove in a deeper mythology and provided more character development and depth for our cast.  The creators continues to show they have a complete and confident handle on this show and are delivering even in something that on any other show could have been used as a lesser episode.
Now we have more questions!  But, you know what...with Sleepy Hollow I know it won't be long before we have the answers.  I really want to know who this baby is!  You know he's show up in present time, it just seems a given.  Whatever happens, I'm more than down for the ride!

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