Monday, September 9, 2013

Ranking Riddick's Chronicles

And now Riddick meets the wonderful end of the road series ranking.  This is a series that I think is mainly just "ok".  Its not outright amazing or anything, but if you check out Pitch Black or Riddick, I think you'll enjoy the time you're spending.  It has one batshit crazy entry in Chronicles as well.  Will we get any more adventures?  Do we need them?  Well, I don't think we really do, but if they want to venture down the path of what works for the series, then I'm down. 

Riddick has also been a force on the video game market as well, but not being a gamer (just don't have the time), I have really no experience with them.  The Escape From Butcher Bay game has some massive praise, with people claiming its the best story involving the character.  So, if you want to go over or praise it, use my comment section below!


4. The Chronicles of Riddick

No surprise here. This movie wants to be anything and everything.  There is so much world building its offputting.  So much info that you can't enjoy the action happening onscreen.  The middle section where the prison is, is where this film is at!  Imagine the full film surrounding that, and then place it in between Pitch Black and Riddick and you have a pretty cool trilogy.  Instead, you get a bloated super ambitious failure that for some damn reason I feel the need to watch again.

3. The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

Congrats, due to run-time you easily won your spot, Dark Fury!  I dig the animation on this, but I couldn't help but feel like this story was forced and some filler.  I could have taken like 6-8 episodes like this with different adventures of animated Riddick.  They should have gone a little more all out with this promotion.  Have a bunch of 10-15 minute segments from this universe.  It is what it is, but nothing you really need to see and nothing you're gonna be amazed with once you do check it out.

2. Riddick

Once this film gets started its pretty fun.  Its tonally off and quite excessive, but there's enough to enjoy here.  Its a step back to what made the first film a solid movie.  The violence in the movie is pretty brutal and worth the watch in its own right.  Also, unlike Chronicles, this is able to introduce new technology, people and creatures smoothly and not overdoing it.  This is how world building is done.  No need to rush out and see this, it'll play just fine on Blu-ray.  Pitch Black fans, this is the sequel you were wanting the first time out!

1. Pitch Black

No question.  Having so 2 sequels and franchise aspirations may overrate just how good this movie is, but it really is rock solid.  I always enjoy lower budgeted smaller scale science fiction stories like this.  This isn't the best of them, but its on top of the middle of the pack.  Riddick was never better than when it was 2000 and we didn't know who Vin Diesel was.  The character made you unsure of whether to trust him or not and brought a sense of unease aside from the aliens.  Its a good movie on its own right.  You don't really need to continue after this one, but if you do...good luck with the middle, you'll be rewarded after.

Another one in the can.  Thanks for taking the journey to the Riddickverse with me.  Next time I'm gonna take us back to Earth.  Something wholesome and for the family.

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