Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank You, Scott Mendelson!

First off...that's an old photo (I think circa 2006, taken by Sharon i think)

1 year ago today, Scott published the first piece of my very first retrospective and my first as a regular contributor to Mendelson's Memos.  While that was the start, it wasn't the first time he'd published something from me. That would be this. A review I don't even agree with myself on now.  Its very amateur and I'm obviously trying too hard, but its nice to see I've come a long way.  I had been wanting to start a film criticism related blog for many years and it was just that, an idea.  I was never able to sit down and motivate myself to actually do it.  Last summer, Scott called and asked if I'd be able to slide him some content regularly and I saw this as finally the opportunity and obliged.  It was a great opportunity to help out Scott and to kick start something and see if I was really cut out for it and if I was going to like doing it.  A very important part is Scott was offering me an already established audience rather than just throwing out shots in the dark and hoping people found what I was doing.  So I came up with my (not wholly original) Jame Bond retrospective idea and went from there.

I had hoped through doing the Bond essays,  I could end it by spinning off into my own blog.  So, I made sure to grab the Naptown Nerd title from Blogger right when I started.  When it got to the point that the Bond retrospective was coming to an end, it was kind of a bit of a busy time for me and I really couldn't take off the way I "envisioned" with content (I should have realized, a plan is not needed, just starting is important).  So, I didn't.  But, Scott wanted me to keep going for him ("You work for me now!"), so I was more than pleased to keep going as a regular guest contributor.  I wanted to start the Naptown Nerd blog, but I'd eventually get to it when the time was right.

So, I stayed on with Scott always thinking that "one day" I would spin off into my own blog.  Well, that day came in the form of Scott once again giving me another "kick in the ass" I needed to get going.  Scott was brought on to write for Forbes and Mendelson's Memos was not going to be as active as it once was (Forbes gets an exclusive jump on his pieces).  We discussed different options; Mendelson's Memos: A Brandon Peters Joint was catchy but just not going to work. Also, when people read Detective Comics they expect and want Bruce Wayne, not Jean-Paul Valley.  There was only one option that was clear and obvious. It would be best that I finally have at it on my own.  And thus Naptown Nerd finally took off.

Many doors were opened to me through all this and it all came down to Scott finally urging me to get the ball rolling.  I'm incredibly happy, accomplished and satisfied doing what I'm doing.  I enjoy keeping up this blog. I appreciate all of you that take the time to read it too!  I love every chance I get to guest on Out Now with Aaron & Abe. I'm always eager for "next time".  And of course, I absolutely LOVE writing for Why So Blu? (btw, we are running a giveaway of The Demented right now, and Brian White wants you to win. Free Zombies and Free Sarah Butler! You know you want!)

I'm aware its my own words, work and research that landed me these things, but its the kickstart, the forum to share my work, the advice along the way and opportunity that Scott offered that set it all in motion.

A year ago I wrote this and now here I am.  I am insanely thankful for the opportunities that have risen from this.  Not insanely enough to do a Land Before Time retrospective however.  So, Scott, thank you!

Since this is kind of about Brandon Begins, there's an impression I've done that Scott loves.  So i'll leave this clip (you gotta skip to 3:34 though)

Here's some of Scott's latest for Forbes if you've not been keeping up.  While Scott would love that you read them, if all you have time for is to click, then that's fine too.

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